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A Career with Drivex Academy

Have you thought about a career in the world of driver training? If you enjoy driving, have good people skills and enjoy flexible working hours then this might be the career for you! Read on for more details of how you could enter the world of Driver training with Drivex Academy....

Why should I train with Drivex Academy?

Drivex Academy has a proven track record in providing successful Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I.) training; indeed some of our successful trainees have previously worked with us at Drivex. We believe part of the success of our course is down to the highly flexible and personal approach of our Training Programme.

Approved Driving Instructor - Training Course Prospectus


Welcome to the Drivex Academy  ADI Training Course Prospectus. We hope that reading this will be your first step on a long and rewarding career. The course is designed to enable you to not only pass the three qualifying examinations, but also to give you the necessary skills to become a successful instructor and business- person.

At present our training is provided by:

Steve Cocks B.Sc.

Steve qualified as an A.D.I. in October 1995 and has been working full time as an A.D.I. ever since. He is also a qualified D.V.S.A. Fleet Trainer, and, together with Roger Spaven, is responsible for the all of the A.D.I. training at Drivex Academy. Steve gained his original ORDIT accreditation in June 2006 for all three parts of the A.D.I. qualifying process at his first attempt. 

Roger Spaven

Roger qualified as an A.D.I. in May 2001, passing all three qualifying exams at the first attempt. He is also a Director of Drivex Academy and has his D.V.S.A. Fleet Trainer certificate. Roger gained his ORDIT accreditation in September 2008, again at the first attempt and for all three parts of the A.D.I. qualifying process. Roger has also passed the DIAmond Special Test and is a qualified Close Protection Driver.


Both Steve and Roger are Directors of Drivex and therefore have a vested interest in providing you with the best possible service.

Stop Press! Both Steve and Roger have both now gained full DVSA Accreditation as Fleet Instructor Trainers with Drivex Ltd. This means you will have an expert and on-hand access to this line of work should you decide to pursue your instructing career further.

However, the biggest difference with the Instructor Training Courses we are offering at Drivex Academy is that they are being run specifically with the aim of providing new instructors for Drivex Academy. This is unlike many other instructor training courses you will see advertised who will only provide training for the examinations and leave it to you to find a position with a recognised school, or to start your own school after qualification. This can make it virtually impossible to take advantage of the Trainee Licence Scheme, since most mainland training establishments have no access to Isle of Wight driving schools, and therefore find it very hard to provide Trainee Instructors with any pupils. Starting out as a new driving instructor can be a daunting prospect, so what better way could there be than to start with an established Isle of Wight driving school, providing you with all the back up you need, not just a phone call away, but on your doorstep!

Plus, with Drivex Academy your qualification as an Approved Driving Instructor is just the start! As one of our instructors you will automatically have the option of working within Drivex. Drivex is a specialised Fleet Driver Training organisation and is providing a varied and widespread service all over the U.K. both in the field of Corporate Driver Risk Assessment / Training, and Trailer Training and LGV cat C1 training. For more information on Drivex explore the other parts of our website above.

1) Duration of the course.

The duration of the course is flexible up to a maximum of 1 year from start date. You can fit your training around any current work or other obligations you may have. The only time-scale imposed on the course by the Driving Standards Agency is that the Part 2 and 3 examinations must be successfully completed within two years of passing the Part 1 test.

In order to benefit the most from the training, we ask that you aim to complete the course within 6 months from starting. Of course, if your personal circumstances allow, then the sooner the training is done, the sooner you can take the exams and the sooner you can qualify.

2) Materials provided (Part 1)

The following study materials will be provided at the commencement of your course to enable you to study for your Part 1 Qualifying Exam:

  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency A.D.I. Starter Pack
  • The Highway Code (book)
  • Know Your Traffic Signs (book)
  • Driving - the essential skills (book)
  • Driving Instructors Handbook (book)
  • The Driving Test (book)
  • Mock exam papers
  • Study Reference Notes
  • Driving Test Success (PC DVD ROM)

3) Training Provided.

The training style provided will vary as you progress through the course.

Part 1 ADI Theory Test

For the Part 1 exam there is no substitute for home study. Because of this, there are no ‘in car sessions’ as such, but a series of study reference notes, enabling you to efficiently find and extract the relevant information. This information will be called upon during your time as a Driving Instructor so it is important not to cut corners. Drivex Academy will always be available to help in any way we can, and will encourage regular tutorial sessions to monitor progress and provide any support needed.

Part 2 Test of Driving Ability

For this part of the course Drivex Academy will provide a series of practical in-car training sessions. Ideally these sessions will be of 2 hours duration but this is flexible. There is a total of 15 hours practical training allocated to this part of the course. Should it be necessary to carry out further training this will incur an additional fee. The sessions will be on both a one to one and shared basis to give a varied course and to promote discussion with fellow trainees. During this part of the course it may be possible to take the IAM and/or ROSPA advanced driving tests to prepare you for test conditions, although the cost of these tests is not included in the course fee.

Part 3 Test of Instructional Ability

The Part 3 training consists of 40 hours tuition, primarily based in-car, to be taken over a period of  days and dates to be agreed with the Drivex Academy. Training will be on the basis of two trainees per car, as previous experience has shown that this method of training allows the trainees to learn from each other. Individual training is available, but this will incur additional costs. You will also be encouraged to sit in and observe real lessons with Drivex Academy instructors as often as is possible. This is an invaluable facility that should be taken advantage of.

It is also possible upon completion of the 40 hours training to start teaching real pupils under the "Trainee Instructor’s Licence" scheme. In order to maintain the School's reputation of quality instruction to its customers this scheme is dependant on reaching a satisfactory standard assessed by Drivex Academy. The cost of the licence is not included in the course and is only valid for 6 months. To take up the trainee licence you will also need a suitable training vehicle.

During the Part 3 course Drivex Academy will also provide training on to how to use the school’s Course Guides and how to build up a suitable training program for a learner driver from first lesson to driving test. We will also provide guidance on other aspects of being a professional ADI, such as how to organise your diary, managing your pupils, test preparations, being self employed etc.

4) Cost of the course.

The total fee for the course is £3480.00 (£2900 + VAT) if paid in advance. This includes all training and materials as described above. Should you wish to ‘pay as you train’ then the fees will be as follows:

  • Part 1 Course    £594.00 (£495.00 + VAT)
  • Part 2 Course    £1074.00 (£895.00 + VAT)
  • Part 3 Course    £2154.00 (£1795.00 + VAT)

Total 'pay as you train' fee: £3822.00 (£3185.00 + VAT)

The following costs are not included:

  • Part 1 test fee. Currently £90.00
  • Part 2 test fee. Currently £111.00
  • Part 3 test fee. Currently £111.00
  • Trainee licence (if required). Currently £140.00

It should also be borne in mind that the Part 2 and 3 tests are conducted on the mainland, usually in Southampton. The course fee does not include any transport costs to and from the test location, or the provision of a car for the Part 2 test. It does include the use of a car for the Part 3 test and for your trainer to accompany you to the test.

Admission to the DVSA Register of Driving Instructors, currently £300, which is valid for a four-year period.

All prices are as from 4th March 2013 and are subject to change.

Any refunds are limited to the savings that Drivex Academy would make by not having to deliver the remainder of any training course, and are only applicable under the following circumstances;

  • Where a trainee cannot continue with the course at the time or at any reasonable time in the future on serious medical grounds confirmed in writing by a doctor that prevents them from being able to drive or instruct.
  • Where a trainee fails three attempts at Part 2 of the ADI examination providing that each exam was taken in good faith by the trainee and provided any free remedial training offered by Drivex Academy prior to the failed attempts is taken.
  • Where the trainee is refused their application for registration by the DVSA provided the trainee had not deliberately withheld or falsely stated any relevant information as part of their application to attend the course and provided it was not as result of any event or incident following commencement of the course.

We hope this prospectus answers any questions you may have, but we realise that setting out on a course like this needs to taken with due consideration. We therefore welcome any queries you may have and would be more than happy to meet you to discuss any points with you in person.


Thank you for your interest in Drivex Academy.

5) Contact Details

Drivex Academy

6, Sadlers Close


Isle of Wight,


PO33 1RA

Telephone: (01983) 810012

E-mail: Steve Cocks or Roger Spaven

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