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Due to the Covid 19 social distancing policy our walk-in centre in Sandown is now closed. Telephone and e mail queries can still be dealt with. We wish everyone to stay safe in these unusual times.

a·cad·e·my  (-kd-m) n. pl. a·cad·e·mies         1. A school for special instruction.

Welcome to Drivex Academy - bringing the whole concept of learning to drive right up to date with the most highly-qualified driving instructors on the Isle of Wight.

Learning to drive is one of the most satisfying, challenging and rewarding things you’ll ever do. But being a good driver is about more than just passing the driving test.

We believe that driving is a life skill - and a skill for life. On the roads of today learning to drive has never been more challenging so choosing the right instructor has never been so important. 

At Drivex Academy, our goal is for you to develop skills that go beyond controlling the car and mastering traffic situations. We want to give you the best possible preparation for the road ahead. We teach people to drive, not just to pass a test and by setting these high standards our students find the driving test a far easier task - that is why we achieve pass rates that are close to double the national average!

Our recognition that learning to drive is not just about the driving test is why our range of driving courses start with our Headstart - driving at 16 courses, follow on with our comprehensive learner-driver packages and ultimately to our exciting range of optional post-test courses.

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